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  • Kalapana Night Market Live

  • Kalapana

  • Kalapana

  • so many people

  • look so crouded !

  • Kapalama : People say like this. It is that's the most sacred place , the Big Island of Hawaii. It is said history from lava that had not invaded, only this place that's very sacred place even when the lava of many exhausted cover the rich earth of Hawaii Island. And this place is to protect the land Uncle Robert family to inherit the blood of the original Hawaiian is live. Free live events and stalls called "night market" has been held in every Wednesday night.


  • Akaka Falls

  • the forest at akaka

  • so many fairies

  • like a fairies over the trees

  • look so many fairies in there

  • Akaka Falls : if you go to the big lsland, you shold go to the AKAKA FALLS. You can see a dragon as many flowing from waterfall as you can see. Akaka Falls strong power so will not be able to go in and tour. Please do come on their own, such as car rental. You can feel the strong feminine power.


  • secret point :

  • blanco at secret point

  • nudiest beach

  • hot springs

  • view from secret point

  • Find the location of your own favorite! It's very interesting that Atmosphere of the land will change when you move a little.Let's go around the island by driving a car. A great place just for you should always find.


  • market in Hilo

  • market in Hilo

  • nice soap store!

  • Ishigo Store : Jam Store.

  • Ishigo Srore

  • Organic Store

  • Abundant Life Natural Foods

  • Island Naturals

  • Nice Cafe in Pahoa

  • hana Hou

  • There is a store of only organic of many in Hawaii. Safe food, is delicious and has been handled a lot. Town is small, but there is also a nice cafe. Coffee is also very delicious.




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